Class Time: 9:35 - 10:35 AM

Sharing the Gospel (1111)

How do you share your faith effectively with others? Is it enough to witness through a life of faithfulness, or should you be out actively spreading the Gospel? This course outlines the Biblical imperative of evangelism and gives practical guidance on the many ways to serve as a witness for Jesus Christ.

Christian Manhood (1104)

What the world calls manhood has very little connection to the life of a sincere godly man. This course covers what God expects from men in the home and workplace. Purity, finances, leadership and technology are some of the topics discussed in this very practical course.

Christian Womanhood (1105)

Many issues confront and challenge Christian women today, including the pressure to be outwardly beautiful, to have a career, and to focus on romance and fun. This course provides guidance on how a godly woman can remain virtuous despite these pressures. Course topics include finding inward beauty, thriving as a keeper at home, and purity …

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Love and Nonresistance (1109)

The message of the Cross is the focus of this study, teaching us how to receive injury for the healing of others, how to commit our lives to God and others even unto death, and how by love and nonresistance to become agents of reconciliation.

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