Class Time: 8:30 - 9:30 AM

* Gospel of John (1006)

This presentation of the life and teachings of Jesus stands unique among the Gospels. John does not focus on the kingdom teachings or the parables of Jesus, but instead provides incidents and teachings not mentioned in the other Gospels. John’s purpose is to convince his readers that Jesus is indeed the Son of God.

The Early Anabaptists (1110)

A study of key persons and events which shaped the Anabaptist movement into the most powerful revival Europe has ever known. The life-and-death struggle for truth and pure religion is the setting for this historical study.

Youth and Life (1101-1)

After a brief look at how individual personalities will respond differently to life, this course moves through many aspects of young adult life. Discerning the will of God, developing godly characteristics, and maintaining purity in dating relationships are several topics that will be discussed in this very practical class.

* Acts (1003)

A course surveying the birth and early growth of the church, focusing on the foundational work of the apostles through the power of God. This study will include the missionary outreach emphasis, methods, and challenges of the early church.

Devotional and Prayer Life (1106)

Personal devotions and prayer are vital parts of the Christian’s relationship with God. However, they are often neglected in the busyness of life. This course offers practical skills for personal bible study. In addition, youth will be challenged to grow in their prayer life, setting them up for a lifetime of close fellowship with their …

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Victorious Christian Living (1113)

Is it possible to live a victorious life in today’s world? Absolutely! This course will consider the hindrances from within, from the world and from the attacks of the enemy. Youth will be trained in the disciplines that bring victory, and warned against the things that lead to failure. From a practical, Biblical understanding of salvation, through a study of the armor of God, this course anticipates battle, while giving hope and direction for daily victory.