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Applicant Name

Pastor's Name

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Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability

1. Is the applicant a member?

How long?

2. How do you perceive the applicant's spiritual condition?

3. Which of the following best describes his/her response to authority in the home and the church?

4. Has the applicant had any problem in previous Bible School experiences?

5. What type of a person would the applicant tend to be?

6. How would you describe your relationship with the applicant?

7. If the applicant's normal lifestyle is different than what is required for admission at Maranatha, do you feel the applicant will cheerfully make the necessary changes in order to attend there?

8. Do you recommend this applicant as a student at Maranatha Bible School?

9. Will you review the MBS handbook with the applicant, and help them to understand their responsibility to cooperate and contribute positively toward the work of the Bible School?

10. Additional comments

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