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The Christian Home (320E)

God designed the home to glorify Him and be a blessing to the human race.  This course will explore God’s beautiful design for the Christian home and the dangers of alternative ways.  The study will include God’s purpose for the home, establishing a strong marriage, biblical roles of husband and wife,  child training and nurture,  …

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Christian Apologetics (3111)

“Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” This course explores these answers. What is truth? What can we know about God from creation? Why does evil exist in the world? How do we know the Bible …

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Helping the Hurting (3110)

Probing the problems of the human heart helps us to see where the pain and trouble in human lives comes from. This course shows how to be effective in pointing hurting people to healing through Jesus Christ, through His truth, and through interaction with His caring people. Special emphasis will be on helping those who …

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Vision in Missions (3109)

A survey in missionary techniques from apostolic times to the present, this course also includes studies in the lives of great missionaries and a presentation of present needs and opportunities.

Anabaptist History (3108)

This course introduces the beginning of Anabaptism in Switzerland and Holland, then traces its development east to Russia and its spread to the United States and Canada. Lessons for practical Christian living will be discussed.

* Doctrine of the Church (3107)

This course is an in-depth study of God’s plan for church body life that glorifies Him. What is the universal Church, and how should the local church reflect it? Included are the functions, offices, ordinances, responsibilities, activities, and administrative structures of the church.

* Revelation (3004)

In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, John saw the glorified Jesus in the midst of the seven churches. After this, “a door was opened in heaven,” and John was given visions into the future, revealing a God who reigns over the affairs of men and who will bring all things to completion through His victorious …

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* Romans & Galatians (3003)

These books, masterpieces of Christian theology, explain in detail the doctrine of man, sin, and salvation. What is justification by faith? How does one live in the Spirit? What are nonconformed aspects of the Christian life? How does one relate to authority, or to the weaker brother? How does one relate to the Law? What …

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Biblical Leadership (3102)

What are the leadership qualities God looks for in a man? This practical course is designed to prepare young men to become the leaders of God’s people in the home and the church. Bible principles of effective leadership will be examined. Practical insights will be given in such areas as ushering, conducting devotionals and topics, …

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The Christian Woman (3106)

“. . .a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised” (Prov. 31:3a). This course is directed to the young woman, and is designed to help her fulfill her God-given role in the home, the church, and society. Womanly qualities, skills, and ministries are discussed. No more should she say: “I’m just a woman.”